Humorous Scenes Recreated in LEGO by Christian Cantrell

Funny LEGO5

You can do a lot with LEGO. With abundant bricks, the right parts, and a whole lot of imagination, you can build figures and create unique scenes that will amaze and entertain. That’s what Christian Cantrell did when he came up with this humorous series of scenes that were all put together using nothing but LEGO.

Hit the break for more.

Funny LEGO

Funny LEGO1

Funny LEGO2

Funny LEGO3

Funny LEGO4

Funny LEGO9b

Funny LEGO6

Funny LEGO7

Funny LEGO8

Funny LEGO9

Funny LEGO9a

Funny LEGO9c

Funny LEGO9d

(via Pleated Jeans)


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