Jim Rugg’s Nerdy Notebook Masterpieces [Art]

Due to intense boredom and monotony, it seems that the classroom is the perfect environment to induce sleep and awaken creative inspiration. Artist Jim Rugg (Street Angel / Afrodisiac) must agree with at least one of those sentiments, because he is about to launch a new exhibition entitled “Notebook Nerd”  at the IAm8Bit Gallery in Los Angeles, which features 50 comic and gaming-inspired masterpieces created with ballpoint pens and notebook paper.

The exhibition is set to open on May 25 and offers free admission. In addition, AdHouse is compiling the pieces into a reproduction of Rugg’s original notebooks, and is set to make its debut next month at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Check out more of Jim’s notebook art after the break.

Check out additional examples on Jim’s Flickr page.

(via CA)


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