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Lego Assembly Line Robot Could Threaten Factory Jobs [Video]

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If you work at a factory where Lego is made, fear this assembly line robot built using Lego Mindstorms and standard blocks. Today it’s just sorting colored blocks, but tomorrow it could be making minifigures and eating the lunch you left in the breakroom.

It’s a quad Delta Lego system that’s based on actual Delta robots that can be found sorting and packing items in shipping facilities around the world. Thanks to a light/color sensor, this particular robot is capable of distinguishing between different colored blocks then into appropriate bins at the rate of 48 blocks per minute.

Each robot operates independently. The robots receive a signal from the master, which in this case is the NXT that controls the light sensors. The signal contains information about the color, lane, and position of each object. When the signal is received, the data is stored in a chronological array. When the object gets close enough, the robot goes through a preprogrammed series of movements based on the information in the array.

It seems simple, but you can bet that a lot of complex programming went into making this machine work.

(Tinkerology via Technabob)


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