Massive LEO Valkyre Ship from Battlestar Galactica Weighs 111 Pounds

An entire Battlestar made from Lego bricks is impressive enough on its own. When you learn that builder Garry King put together the Battlestar Valkyrie by only using reference images from the internet, you can’t help but bow down to his mad skills. But, it gets even cooler. The model is a behemoth; it weighs in at 111 pounds. It measures 122 inches long by 43 inches wide—almost twice as tall as me! That’s hard to wrap my head around—as is the five months it took for King to build the ship out of over 42,000 pieces.

I would never volunteer to help move it. I’m a wuss and couldn’t carry much of the weight, but mostly, I’d hate to be responsible for dropping something that took so much time to put together – even if the pieces are glued together. Wow.

View photos of the Valkyrie from all angles after the break.

(MOCpages via Dvice)


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