Mega Bloks Releasing World Of Warcraft Sets This Summer

Mega Bloks have a whole new series of sets on the horizon after inking a World of Warcraft license agreement, including Deathwing’s Strongwind Assault (seen above), figures of Colton, Ironoak, Ragerock, and Valoren; mounts of Swift Gryphon, Swift Wyvern, Flying Machine, and a Goblin Trike; and larger sets of The Barren’s Chase, Goblin Zeppelin, Demolisher Attack, and Sindragosa & The Lich King. If that isn’t cool enough, some sets will include “secret loot” made up of accessories of random Warcraft weapons, gear and artifacts.

Check out some additional photos after the break.

Click the link below to check out additional images.

(CA via TR)


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