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NASA Intern Steals $21 Million In Lunar Rocks So He Could Have “Sex On The Moon” [Books]

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The following story has got to be in the top ten of all bizarre/hilariously nerdy crimes ever committed.

Ben Mezrich’s (the author behind the movie The Social Network) has a new book out called Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History. It chronicles the true story of Thad Roberts, a 25-year old NASA intern that somehow managed to circumvent tight security to steal a 600-pound safe full of moon rocks so he could impress a girl he had been dating for all of three weeks. To celebrate the heist, Roberts and his girlfriend jammed the rocks under a hotel mattress so they could become “the first couple to have sex on the moon”.

Roberts spent over seven years in federal prison for what is undoubtedly the nerdiest thing a nerd ever did to try and impress a girl. Interestingly, it did get him laid (food for thought).

The amazing thing is how little media attention this story grabbed when Roberts was arrested in 2003. If it happened today, you could be certain that it would be plastred on every news channel and blog in the country. At any rate, you can read all about it now that the book has hit store shelves.

The book is available in hardcover on Amazon for $14.82 or on the Kindle for $12.99.

(CTV via blastr)


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