Ostrich Pillow Might Become a Reality Soon So You Can Bury Yourself to Sleep

Head-In-A-Hole Ostrich Pillow

Sleeping at work is frowned upon, but who says you can’t take a couple of power naps during your breaks? Apparently, 20-minute power naps can actually increase a person’s productivity by more than 30%, so sleeping on the job isn’t really such a bad thing.

Trying to get some shut-eye at work might be a bit difficult while everyone else is hustling and bustling. That’s probably why designer Kawamura Ganjavian created the Ostrich Pillow in the first place. If you recall, this crazy privacy pillow was revealed last year as a concept, but it might soon become a reality if it reaches its funding goal on Kickstarter.

It looks silly to me, but hey, if 560 backers (and counting) want it, then maybe Ganjavian is on to something. Check out the demo video after the break.

Product Page ($75 via Geekologie)


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