Own a DeLorean Bicycle, Time Travel Extra

The thing that made the original DeLorean so cool was that it was a pricey, stainless steel car with gull-wing doors. Oh, and there was that whole Back to The Future thing that added to the allure. I wanted one and I wanted it to have a flux capicitor and also Michael J. Fox. Now I can finally have a DeLorean, sort of. This really is a DeLorean-branded bike.

A conversation between Stephen Wynne, CEO of Delorean Motor Company, and Marc Moore, a cyclist and a former DeLorean owner, resulted in this stainless steel bike built for real biking enthusiasts with $5495 to blow. It better come with a flux capicitor at that price.

See more images of the DeLorean bike after the jump…

Product Page ($5495 via Geekologie)


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