Own King Robert Baratheon’s War Hammer

First of all, war hammer is not a euphemism.

Now that we have that out of the way, take a gander at this stunning prop by Valyrian Steel! King Robert Baratheon’s weapon of choice was a war hammer, and it was a beast. The weapon was forged specifically for him, and the King carried it in battle and eventually killed Rhaegar Targaryen with it.

This officially licensed A Song of Ice and Fire prop has been crafted from steel, metal, leather, and lots of sweat. It’s 44″ and weighs a whopping 10lbs. Only 2,000 war hammers will be made and each one will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by George R. R. Martin. It should go without saying, but the war hammer is not a toy.

See more photos and a video demonstration of the hammer in action after the break.

Product Page ($270 via Geek Alerts)


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