QMx Releases Adorable New Trekkies Figures Line

Trekkies Kirk

If the Funko POP! figures have proved anything, it’s how much fans love chibi-style, adorable takes on their favorite charactes. QMx has had some products like that with their Little Damn Heroes line, but I think these new Q-Pop Trekkies figures hit a different scale of cute.

The Trekkies are about 4.5″ tall, made from PVC, and available in an open edition. The wave includes Captain Kirk, Uhura, and Spock and all were designed by Mohammad Haque. They come with a tiny word balloon, and the surface is dry erase. You can insert your own quotes and words using the marker that comes with each figure. That part is especially clever.

As with anything QMx announces, these aren’t available to order or even pre-order yet. Head to the product pages to sign up for the waiting list to get the first chance to pre-order when the product is released in Q2 2013.

Check out the Spock and Uhura figures after the break.

Trekkies Spock

Trekkies Uhura

Product Page ($19.95)


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