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Review: Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia [Books]

Whether you’re new to Star Wars fandom or you’ve been a die-hard fan since 1977, one of the great upsides of the new Star Wars films, books, and television series is the bounty of information they contain. If you’re looking for a good reference guide for all things Star Wars, DK Publishing’s Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia is both gorgeous and super informative.

Filled with details on everything from the 1.4 FC P-Tower to the Zygerrian Slave Empire, there are over 2,500 images with all kinds of interesting details. Did you know there was a Hutt named Mama? Or that there’s an in-universe toy of Boba Fett’s airspeeder model?

In addition to minutiae that will intrigue the most passionate of fans, The Visual Encyclopedia details the planets, people, weapons, cultures, politics, vehicles and more from the Star Wars universe. It’s a cornucopia of facts and images that you’ll be able to pour over for hours.

As ILM’s senior creative director Dennis Muren writes in his foreword, “This book is a celebration of those details that exist in the service of storytelling…All of these pieces together fill out the Star Wars universe visually and emotionally, helping generations of moviegoers feel they are a part of this story from ‘a galaxy far, far away.'”

Star Wars: A Visual Dictionary hits shelves on April 4th. It’s available for pre-order now.

Covering more than 2,500 characters, creatures, planets, vehicles, Droids, weapons, technology, and more from the Star Wars universe, this visual tour is the ultimate compendium for the epic saga and beyond.

Take a stunning visual tour of Star Wars with DK’s comprehensive pictorial guide to the galaxy far, far away!

From lightsabers to beasts to food and clothing, Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia is a virtual museum in a book. Explore beautiful galleries with more than 2,500 images, and discover facts about Star Wars culture, science, and geography.

With a full history of the galactic politics, the Jedi Council, and the Empire, Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia walks fans through the entire timeline of Star Wars. See the blasters of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope™, look at the stormtroopers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and study the geography of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Each section of the book focuses on different topics to dedicate special attention and detail to every part of the universe, no matter how small. From the planets in the outer rim to Padmé’s bridal wear, nothing is missed.

A celebration of all things Star Wars, this compendium is the perfect addition to any fan’s bookshelf.


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