Take A Look Inside A $35 Million Nerdy Mansion

trek house 1

When you have buckets of money, it’s got to be tempting to include your passion for nerdy things into your decor in an extreme fashion. For example, if I ever hit the lottery, I’d probably transform a room of the mansion I would buy into the Mos Eisely Cantina. That having been said. former CEO of FriendFinder, Marc Bell, showed his geek card in his Florida mansion.

He’s recently listed the home for sale, and it has a replica of the Enterprise as the home theater, a room surrounded with Star Wars and Star Trek pinball machines, a massive recreation room, and a video game room decorated to look like a bunker.

His attitude about his home is pretty great. In the real estate listing Bell says, “My philosophy is that you only live once, so why not make the most of where you live?” Amen to that.

See more photos of the geeky rooms in the house after the break.

trek house 2

trek house 3

trek house 4

trek house 5

trek house 6

trek house 7

(DERE via Mashable)


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