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Ten Super Nerdy License Plates [Featured]


Vanity plates are typically used to express enthusiasm about something. I’ve seen ones referencing sports teams, movies, games, and even people. If you’re going to pay extra for them, they should be meaningful. Seeing geeky license plates while I’m on the freeway makes me unreasonably happy. Like, I’m tempted to follow the car they’re on and tell the driver that we should be friends. I haven’t acted on the impulse… yet.

I’ve rounded up examples of some nerdy plates, and I would like to be friends with all of these people.

Above Legend of Zelda plate via Tumblr.

See more after the break.

Eirikur Da Czech - FR FLY

My other car is Serenity. Submitted by Eirikur Da Czech.

Consetta Parker - CADBANE

The license plate is awesome (yay for a reference from The Clone Wars), but I also love the Falcon emblem. Submitted by Consetta Parker.

GEEKY plate

Sweet, short, and to the point. Image via Ellie Glick.

Paul DePaola - RGUE LDR

I’d follow this car into battle. Submitted by Paul DePaola.

Nell Murphy - GAMEOVR

Submitted by Nell Murphy.


I bet mundanes have a hard time figuring out what this one means. Image via Ben Bryan.


Cthulhu for the kids! Image via Pete Toscano.


This one took me a second, but it’s a great The Empire Strikes Back reference. Image via mjarkiver1.


Hey, a girl’s got to get around somehow after she doesn’t have access to a TARDIS. Image via Sarah Jayne.


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