The Best of Nerd Approved: December 27th 2010 – January 2nd 2011

Here are the top ten Nerd Approved Gadgets for the week of December 27th 2010 – January 2nd 2011:

HTC Aria, Game Boy and a Fake White iPhone 4 Unite! [Video]: It was inevitable.

Chinese New Year Android Mini: Android gets dressed up for the Chinese New Year

Doctor Who Nesting Dolls: Homemade by Molly Lewis

Lego Red Riding Hood: Is it just me or does Legohaulic’s wolf look freaking awesome?

Futurama 9-Inch Talking Bender: Now available for pre-order

Plush He-Man and Skeletor: BFFs

1/6 Scale MMS DX Indiana Jones Figure: Unveiled by Hot Toys.

Badass Lego Guns: Lego fans will want this book

Nerdy Lamps In a Box: Feature retro NES, zombie, X-Men and Fantastic Four panels.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Ski Mask: The most harmless thing?

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