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The Louisville Decapitron: A DIY Zombie-Killing Battle Axe

The search for the ultimate zombie-killing weapon continues with the Louisville Decapitron—a simple hybrid baseball bat and battle axe.

The creator explains it thusly:

After some exhaustive research my friend I came up with the Zombie Bat concept. The design is really quite simple and it includes a 20 inch blade mounted to a Louisville Slugger. The idea is that the zombies can be dealt with at close range while the living, which is after the food supply, can be beat away with the other end without causing death.

Personally, I think that a simple aluminum bat would suffice in most situations. It would be easier to wield against zombies and the blunt force would be devastating enough to get the job done. As for opportunistic humans, the bat would work fine in close quarters, but you’re still going to need a gun.

(GordsGarage via Hack-a-Day)


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