Time To Buy a Giant AT-ST Walker For Your Backyard

at-st for sale

Have $15,000? A 16′ AT-ST Scout Walker could be yours for the taking. Hollywood’s Finest, a company who sells prop replicas and the like in England is offering it on eBay. It was handmade from metal and wood and has been completely weatherproofed so it can stay outside in your yard. It will scare away squirrels, Ewoks, and hopefully all the neighorbood children. They point out that if you don’t want to keep it in your yard, you can get a trailer and hire it out for events.

But is it actually life-sized? An AT-ST should be around 28′ tall – not 16′. And it’s worth pointing out that the feedback isn’t 100% for the seller. I’d definitely call the number provided and ask to see it in person before you make a commitment.

Check out more photos of the impressive vehicle after the break.

at-st for sale 2

at-st for sale 3

at-st for sale 4

at-st for sale 5

(eBay via Yahoo Movies UK)


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