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CES 2007: AR’s iPod Speaker System with Tube Amplifier

AR blackVault
AR is showing off their AR4131 blackVault 2.1 speaker system for the iPod. It could just be another iPod accessory, but for a few distinguishing characteristics.

The first difference is that it’s driven by an amplifier that uses the old time vacuum tubes. Anyone who has heard a tube amp knows that the sound has a warmth to it that you just can’t get from digital.

Next up is that the system just has a nice look to it – everything from the design of the subwoofer which shows off the vacuum tube on top, to the black finish om the entire setup. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to have this sitting in your living room, unlike most other solutions.

Finally, the fact that it has a subwoofer at all is a definite plus. Nothing gets the music going like some hard thumping bass. Whether you listen to classical, rock or rap, the low end response gives it more dynamic range than you get from most of these accessories.

Expected out in February for a very reasonable $200 which includes a remote.



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