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Digital Radio

AP is reporting that radio stations are rolling out digital radio to compete with the iPOD and internet here. This will give them the opportunity to offer high definition digital broadcasts. Their claim is that this “eliminates the hiss and fades associated with analog signals”. Anyone notice any of that on today’s tuners, even in their cars? And the claim of CD quality broadcasts? Tough to tell the difference in a vehicle with road and wind noise.

While I have been a huge proponent of HD video broadcasts, I don’t see the same incremental improvement for radio signals. The slight improvement I may see at home would not even begin to tempt me to spend the money to upgrade my home stereo to support digital radio broadcasts. The only upside I see to this is the ability for a station to offer alternate content in the same bandwidth they are currently only offering one channel of programming today. If it is the wave of the future and is supported by mainstream receivers in the future at a competitive cost, I will upgrade at that time.

Posted by Jeff


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