If You’re a Gleek, I Have A Feeling You’re Gonna Want This

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DISCLAIMER: I had to do some fast talking to get this posted here because I’m a nerd and I approve it. ::grin:: If I’m way off the mark, then blame me.

From Geek Girl Diva: I’m gonna preface this by saying: DONT JUDGE ME. ;p

I’m a Gleek. I’ve said it. I know I should be in therapy for it. I also love karaoke. I used to have a Singing Machine. I karaoke with friends.

Maybe I need an intervention.

This is the new Glee Microphone from Mattel.

The description says there’s 4 different modes, but these two are what tempts me…

Sing Along mode, you can sing over a hit song from the show and 12 authentic quotes from the show will tell you how well you performed or not.

Freestyle, a voice amplifier allows you to belt out any tune you wish.

I…I…::blush, shuffle feet, toe scuff:: That sounds like fun.

Are you guys gonna throw a slushie at me now?

Product Page( $23)


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