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CjJ8SN0VEAANLTlCosplay of the day goes to this Ant-Man and Antony made by the awesome people behind Walkin’ & Rollin’.

Walkin’ & Rollin’ makes amazing costumes like this for any child with special needs, free of charge to the family. How cool is that?

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Because Catbus is beloved by adults and kids alike, The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is opening an exhibit called “Ride the Catbus to the Ghibli Woods” that will let adults ride the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.

Now I’m crossing my fingers for an overnight stay option because I want to live in the World of Ghibli.

The exhibit will run through May 2017.

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dark crystal funko

About a month ago I won a gift card, but I was saving it for just the right thing. The second I saw these new Dark Crystal Pops from Funko (seriously, the second), I used that gift card because I need Funko Pop versions of Aughra and Fizzgig like I need life.


The Dark Crystal Funko Pop Figures ($9.99)


Gillian Anderson may be the death of us all because the universe could implode from the gravity of her amazingness.

Not only did she share an amazing tweet about becoming the next 007, she also launched a Tumblr called “Chewie’s Girlfriend”.

Yes, you read that right. Plus, she’s been answering questions. This is 100% Gillian.

100% Gillian is probably more than any of us can handle—but you have to try. For science. Read more after the break…

vanilla ice tmnt

We’re only a few weeks out from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film and since Michael Bay doesn’t do things low key, they decided to hold the world premiere at Madison Square Garden.

Not only was the cast on hand, but Vanilla Ice did a live performance of “Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!” complete with ’90s Turtles dancers. Soak up the nostalgia in the video below. [click to continue…]

luggabeast 3

If you’re a Star Wars convention goer, it’s very likely you’ve met Roxy The Rancor and even had your picture taken with her.

Well, Roxy is about to get a buddy. [click to continue…]

preacher funko

Preacher‘s debut episode on AMC was well received and I’m guessing these new Funko Pops will be as well. You’ll be able to get your own mini versions of Jesse Custer and Cassidy, but there’s no doubt that Arseface has got to be the cutest one in the bunch.

They’ll be out in August, but you can preorder them now. Check out more pics after the break…


S.H. Figuarts has revealed their 6″ Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and The Joker figures and I’m on the fence about them. I like the Harley, but The Joker’s got me scratching my head. Did he just eat a whole bag of candy coal or something?

No word yet on pricing or availability. Check out more pics after the break…

tank-girl-comic-cosplayWhen Emma Rubini decided to cosplay Tank Girl from Jamie Hewlett’s original comics, she really went for it. Her cosplay looks like she’s been pulled right from the pages.

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Finally! Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty are getting Funko Pops complete with a flask and Mega Seeds respectively. The only thing missing is push button belching action.

You can order now and get Schwifty in July. [click to continue…]