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Emma Watson has just officially announced that she’ll be starring as Belle in the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast. It looks like she’ll be doing some of her own singing as well.

Watson took to Facebook to make the announcement and her excitement is a joy to read.

See her statement after the break.

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star wars rebels sand sculpture

Photo via Instagram.

(via Johnamarie Macias)


Every time I see one of the new DC Bishoujo, I immediately send a link to my friend Edgar because I know how much he loves them and because I really like the mix between cute and sexy. This Zatanna is totally in line with that.

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She’s estimated for arrival in September, but my past experience working at EE tells me that you’ll want to pre-order if you want her, because these statues tend to sell out quickly.

Product Page: ($69.99)

whedon slayer theory edit

The Whedonverse is a wonderful place and more than one fan has put forth a theory that many Joss Whedon shows are connected in one form or another.

This cross universe Slayer theory, however, may be my favorite so far. It’s also the most comprehensive.

Check it out after the break and prepare to have your mind blown.

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What happens when you get Marvel loving, RC plane piloting nerds together? An RC Helicarrier that you can land RC planes on of course.

While it’s not always pretty, it does actually work and you can tell that the guys from FliteTest had a blast.

Watch the video after the break.

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10 capricorn

The signs of the Zodiac have been represented differently throughout the ages, but I’m pretty sure these are the most monstrous takes that we’ve seen.

Artist Damien Hellabrand definitely thought outside the box and came up something pretty amazing. In fact, I would love to see these as action figures (or a Guillermo Del Toro movie). It reminds me of the McFarlane Monsters series in a very good way.

As a Libra, I think he caught my essence perfectly.

Check them out after the break.

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Pixar’s newest movie Inside Out already looks like will have that mix of adorable, comedic, and serious that we’ve come to appreciate from Pixar.

It’s the adorable that really comes into play with these new Funko POP!s of Riley’s inner feelings; Anger, Joy, Despair, Sadness, and Fear.

I want all of them.

You can get a better look at them along with the trailer for the movie after the break.

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Hasbro has just revealed two new figures in their Star Wars Black Series Series 6-Inch Deluxe figures and they’re oh, so shiny.

You can also get a case of figures with a Biker Scout with Speeder Bike and two of the Han Solo with TaunTaun (arriving in April), or you can buy the Han and TaunTaun separately (arriving in June).

Ppre-ordering is usually a good thing when it comes to figures like these.

Product Pages: Star Wars The Black Series Hoth Han Solo 6-Inch Action Figure with Tauntaun ($39.99) / Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Deluxe Action Figures Wave 2 ($119.99)

lootcrate star wars variant

Marvel’s first new Star Wars comic debuted this Wednesday and it is selling like crazy. If you’re a collector, you’re going to want to get your hands on the variants. This Han and Chewie Star Wars #1 variant cover by acclaimed artist Gabriele Dell’Otto is one of the best, and it is headed out exclusively to Loot Crate subscribers in the January “Rewind” box.

You can signup for a subscription here and save 10% off your order with the code “NERDAPPROVED”

Better hurry though, signups for the “Rewind” crate end on January 19th!

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fifth element diva

When you think of The Voice, you probably think of the version shown in the US, but The Voice is an international phenomenon and there’s some pretty amazing talent out there.

This is a young Armenian girl by the name of Victoria Hovhannisyan appearing on Russia’s version of The Voice.

Her song choice? Plava Laguna’s song from The Fifth Element, including The Diva Dance.

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She nails it. Just nails it. It’s so much fun to watch and the female judge is obviously a fan of the movie, so it’s really great to watch her reactions.

Check it out after the break.

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