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These gorgeous limited-edition woodblock prints are part of a crowd-funding project on The designs come from artist Masami Ishikawa with master engravers and printers doing the work to create them entirely by hand. They’re even officially licensed Lucasfilm products.

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You’ll soon be able to have a fully armed an operational Death Star crashing through your wall with this 3D light. Other upcoming releases in the series include R2-D2, C-3PO, and Darth Vader’s gloved hand holding a glowing red lightsaber.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect them to arrive in stores (most notably Target) sometime in the near future.

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It took a whole group of Lego artists to create this magnificent 14-foot long Lego StarCraft display. They worked together to come up with the idea and turn their vision into a reality over the course of three years. All of their hard work finally paid off when it was unveiled at Brickworld Chicago.

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Mondo is known for making incredible posters, but they’ve been moving into the figure market in a big way. On that note, they’ve announced a range of 11″ tall 1/6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures based on their run in Mirage Comics. The first figure is Leonardo with katanas and complete articulation. He also has a second headsculpt with a blue mask. He’s wearing red here because they all wore red in the original comics.

He’ll be on sale along at SDCC (pricing has yet to be announced), with a wide release featuring the rest of the Turtles occurring sometime after the convention.

(USA Today via io9)

The latest SDCC product reveals include another round of Batman v Superman merchandise debuted by USA Today. We’ve already seen a Lego Batmobile and Funko Pop! figures, and now there are more realistic figures from Mattel for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman along with two vehicles.

The releases include a $30 two-pack with 6″ tall figures of Batman and Superman and a 12″ tall Barbie Wonder Woman. Hot Wheels will have a $25 Batmobile and a special Hot Wheels car celebrating the movie will also be available. If you go to SDCC, they’ll even have a life-size version of the car on display.

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samurai jack

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack had a brief run on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2004, but it still has many loyal fans. Tartakovsky has attempted to get a feature film made to finish up the series, but it hasn’t come to fruition thus far.

However, animator avemagnadude has created a beautiful short based on the character. It’s a tribute to his battle against the demon Aku and it will make you wish more than ever that a Samurai Jack movie happens one day.

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There are so many wonderful Funko Pop! figures, but until now, none of them have come with a MultiPass. The company has just announced a line of The Fifth Element figures that includes two versions of Leeloo, Korben Dallas, Zorg, a Mangalore, and Diva Plavalaguna. We can only hope that Ruby Rhod will be added soon.

The figures will be available starting this October.

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Batman v Superman merch is starting to trickle in. Not surprisingly, the first two examples come from Lego and Funko.

The Lego Batmobile pictured above made its debut in the Wall Street Journal and is set to be on display at SDCC. The DC Super Heroes New Batmobile set will include 306 pieces, two stud shooters, opening doors, a new Batman outfit, two additional unnamed characters, and an additional vehicle for $29.99. It’s set go go on sale January 1st.

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Funko has also revealed their vinyl figures of Batman and Superman and they’re predictably adorable. You won’t have to wait to get your hands on these two as they’ll be on sale at SDCC with pricing not yet announced.

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That’s not realistic CGI. It’s an actual guy who is part of a viking battle stunt show. Alex Yde has been practicing parkour for 12 years and it comes in handy for his work in the show. He’s been with Puy du Fou in France for three years playing different roles and decided to film one day’s adventures from his perspective.

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stone cold gamer

Wrestling fans will immediately recognize Stone Cold Steve Austin doing his famous beer toast in the ring. Grab two beers, smack ’em together, and chug. Pro gamer Kenneth Bradley was at CEO 2015 for a fighting game tournament and took to the stage just like Austin.

The music starts, he struts down the runway, and then chugs two drinks thrown to him by someone in the audience. He finishes it all off by hitting the ring announcer, who has been hamming it up the whole time, with a Stone Cold Stunner.

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