Sean Fallon

Hasbro has expanded upon their Star Wars 40th anniversary reveals with a look at the retro Kenner-style packaging for their 6″ Black Series action figures. [click to continue…]

LEGO brought a lot of products to New York Toy Fair, but the Silent Mary ghost ship from Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely the most interesting. The skeleton hull actually opens up! [click to continue…]

Neil Gaiman is currently riding high with the upcoming American Gods series on Starz and the adaptation of Good Omens coming to Amazon. Oh, and his new book Norse Mythology just came out and will likely be another bestseller.

Clearly, it’s a good time to be a Gaiman fan, and the fact that he’s writing the long awaited sequel to Neverwhere is icing on the cake. It’s called The Seven Sisters and, at last check, he was already three chapters in. [click to continue…]

An official LEGO dungeon building set for use with role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons is something people clearly want, which is why the LEGO Ideas project for this Dungeon Master set skyrocketed to 10,000 supporters in a matter of days. That means it will be officially considered for production. [click to continue…]

Hasbro’s latest New York Toy Fair reveal is an absolute beast. Standing 20-inches tall in Dino mode, the new Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticon is “the largest figure in the 2017 Titans Return universe and is also the biggest Decepticon figure ever made.” [click to continue…]

In the following video, the visual effects wizards at Industrial Light and Magic show you how they handled the destruction of Jedha and the battle on the beaches of Scarif in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Watch the scenes come together below. [click to continue…]

How do you turn Mystery Science Theater 3000 into a comic? Dammed if I know, but Dark Horse is going to make it happen—and they’re throwing in some Dark Horse–designed products for good measure. [click to continue…]

Loot Crate has partnered with BioWare to launch a limited edition crate to pair with the upcoming release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Details are scarce at this point, but we were told that the crate will include “100% exclusive products, including collectibles, apparel, and home goods that were developed using in-game assets”.

The crate will run $49.99 ($90+ value) when it launches sometime shortly after the game’s release on March 21st. You can sign up for notifications here.

Hook is one of those films that people love despite its flaws. It just hits all of the right nostalgia buttons. Rufio was certainly one of the standouts of the film—to this day the character pops up from time to time on the cosplay circuit. With that in mind, Hook star Dante Basco has taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to make a short film about Rufio’s origins entitled Bangarang (naturally). [click to continue…]

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that Force Friday II will take place on September 1, 2017. The sample toy box pictured above is our first glimpse at Rey, Poe and Finn as they will appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It also marks the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an avalanche of Star Wars products revealed during the event. Check out all of the details in the press release and infographic below. [click to continue…]