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A new trailer for the upcoming Sherlock special has dropped and it is maximum Victorian and mustach-y awesomeness.

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zombie containment unit 2

We’ve seen Halloween props like this before, but the Zombie Containment Unit from Hi-Rez Designs is undeniably badass.

Check out the most watermarked demo video in history after the break…

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rick burps

The following video is a compilation of all the burps from seasons one and two of Rick And Morty. It’s also an appetite suppressant that makes you laugh. Genius!

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lego tardis

“Landing soon” being the words on the Lego Facebook page update.

But that’s not the only teaser shot! Check out the second image after the break…

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delorean golf cart

Endless mulligans at only 8.8 mph!

This beauty was created by David and Vicki Heykants, John Perrin, and Lucas Evanochko of Dual Divisions as a commission for The Red Deer College 30th Annual Golf Classic.

David did a tremendous amount of work on this project; the Mr Fusion is entirely made of metal. It also hides a cooler inside. The front end? All metal. The side panels with all the electronic items? Metal. Yes, this cart is built to last.

It also features buttons that play music and effects from the films as well as an Android tablet that functions as a virtual time circuit.

Take a closer look at the DeLorean golf cart in the videos and image gallery after the break…

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chemistry pumpkin

Using green fire to enhance Jack-O’-Lanterns isn’t a new concept, but if you’re unfamiliar, the image above from imgur user Mikepants is a good example of the effect that results.

All it takes is a simple combination of boric acid and methanol. Complete instructions are available here but, as always, respect the chemistry (or the chemistry will burn your house down).

cthulhu monopoly

I’ve always knows Monopoly was evil. It’s the favorite game of Mr. Burns and Cthulhu, which pretty much says it all.

Set foot for Miskatonic University, and battle it out with other Cthulhu occultists to find out who truly is the Great Old One among you. This Cthulhu Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game features fun Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraftian style imagery, plus game tokens straight from the Cthulhu mythos! The winner of Cthulhu Monopoly shall be deemed most like the Great Old One and the most fit to inherit his mantle. Whether you win or not, you lose and become one of Cthulhu’s mindless zombies. Hooray!

If that wasn’t bad enough, you can gamble with your soul with Cthulhu Yahtzee. Check that out after the break…

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edward snowdenhands

Yesterday, HLN invited Jon Hendren to discuss the sudden appearance of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Twitter. Amazingly, they ignored a few obvious signs about what was to come:

1. Jon Hendren is a comedian
2. His Twitter handle is @fart
3. Seriously @fart

Hendren played it straight at first, but it becomes increasingly clear that he’s defending Edward Scissorhands, not Edward Snowden. The only person who seemed to be unaware of this is anchor Yasmin Vossoughian.

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Tap into the power of the Death Star with this USB wall charger. It has two ports and lights up!

Q: But will it blow up my phone?

A: Maybe?

Product Page ($29.99)

peanuts adventure time

Using the Peanutize Me website (for the upcoming Peanuts movie) and a bit of Photoshop, Grant Davis created some delightful Peanuts mashups involving many of our favorite TV shows.

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