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LED Blanket: A Space Story

The Space Story Blanket is a space themed duvet cover with a comforter lit by over 100 LED’s. You can either set it to story mode where it plays sounds effects and rhythmically moving lights for two minutes. In sleep mode the lights come on and fade out over one minute to ease you into sleep. The idea is to give kids a place to use their imagination making up their own stories, but I just want one for the sound and light show. You can complete your bedroom conversion to a place of science fiction worship by adding the under bed lighting kit. Just to keep the monsters under the bed on the run and give you a little bit of a night light.

There are a few other themes available, but none so cool as the Space theme. Go to the product page to get some sound and video samples of what this awesome kit will give you. It felt like I was waiting in line at Space Mountain all over again. If you want to go whoel hog, pair this with the Space Shuttle Bunk Bed and you may just never leave your room.

Product Page ($119 story blankets, $29.95 under bed light)


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