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In case you were wondering, April Fools’ Day was weeks ago—the Talking Elcor Plush actually exists.

If you are unfamiliar with the Mass Effect universe, the Elcor are a massive, generally friendly species found on the Citadel. They are described as being “deliberate” and “conservative” with a monotone voice that appears to lack emotion. Because of this, they tend to describe what would otherwise be expressed with tone and body language.

As the product page states:

“My Talking Elcor voices a love greater than the gravity of Dekuuna and is scientifically engineered for maximum huggability and affection.”

Find out what Elcor says and see the plush in action after the break…

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star wars top

With Star Wars Celebration happening out in California, ThinkGeek has unveiled a whole bunch of their upcoming Star Wars products that will have you happily emptying your wallet.

Prices vary as does availability with some items hitting next month and others not arriving until the end of September.

Check them out after the break.

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This gorgeous vintage steampunk-style wall sconce by JWKinseysArtifice is lovingly made from mahogany, brass, copper, and rotary switches.

“This is an accent wall sconce, not intended for general illumination. In a dark, shadowy room, a star field is displayed upon the ceiling above the lamp.”

And with great craftsmanship comes great price tags. The variety of lamps and sconces are stunning though, and would make superb conversation pieces.

Check out more imaginative steampunk lights after the break.

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Tim Burton’s iconic style has been captured in this adorably wonky home furniture. From bookcases and shelving to tables and spice racks, Etsy store RaxFox has everything you need to bring a little Nightmare Before Christmas-style to your living room and kitchen. All the pieces are made from birch wood, painted and sealed and ready to ship in 1-3 weeks.

Check out more of the awesomely nightmarish furniture designs below.

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hulkbuster figure

This unbelievable Hulkbuster figure is coming soon from Comicave Studios. It’s one-quarter scale which makes it 4-feet-tall and it even has lights and articulation. The best part is the armor which automatically opens to reveal an Iron Man Mark 43 hiding inside. This is a prototype so the final version may differ slightly, but it’s still destined to be quite a collectible.

See it in action in the video after the break.

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The first thing I thought about when I saw this super soft pebble carpet from flussdesign was that it would be perfect for a tavern-style gaming room like this one or this one.

Each pebble is hand felted using sheep, lama, and alpaca wool which surrounds a foam core, so you get a very natural look since each stone is slightly different.

Check out some up close pics after the break.

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dc collectibles top

When I had the chance to take a look at play around with three brand new figures from DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series line, you’d best believe I jumped on it. I mean, look at these suckers. Robin, The Joker, and Man-Bat, out this month. They’re rad as hell. But there was one thing I wasn’t quite sure on…

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You might not be able to snuggle up to Captain America, but you can give this owl version of the superhero a hug. Etsy seller CharacterCove has turned your favorite characters into super-cute plush owls that measure 7″ tall by 5″ wide. Each is handmade from eco-felt and takes 1-2 weeks to complete before shipping.

See more examples after the break.

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Sometimes your nerdy treasures need extra protection. These lively monster chests feature leather scales, fangs, and menacing eyes will definitely keep your stuff secure.

The artist behind these fantastic creatures is Mellie Z, who creates each one by hand using a wooden box base.

Check out more wild beasts of holding after the break.

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dragon sconce

The night may be dark and full of terrors, but your home can be filled with light and dragons.

Granted, it will cost you and it might be a little grandiose, but dark and terrors must be beaten!

Product Page ($75)

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