Superhero Apes

Damn dirty apes are all over our movie theaters thanks to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. But simian culture has had a long, proud and insane tradition in superhero comics. I’m not just talking about the many times that human superheroes have been temporarily transformed into apes. I’m talking about apes who are themselves heroes and villains.

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Many Capt Americas

Marvel Comics recently announced that Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon, the first African-American superhero, will be taking over the role of Captain America from his old friend and partner Steve Rogers. People are still discussing their feelings on this, how long they think it will last, and what it means for the larger picture of the superhero industry. But did you know there have been many other people over the years who have stood in for Steve as the Star-Spangled Avenger? We’re not just talking about those times that Hawkeye put on the suit for an issue.

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marvel women

Yesterday, we unveiled a list of some DC Comics women who we believe have potential that should really be explored. Now we’re looking at ladies of the Marvel Comics universe. Obviously, there are already some powerful female superheroes such as Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and several members of the Avengers and X-teams. But there are still other women, good and evil, who seem to be stuck on the sidelines and really shouldn’t be.

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dc women

In 2011, DC Comics rebooted its superhero universe, replacing it with the “New 52″ reality. The reboot was meant to start things fresh, expand familiar characters in exciting new ways, and bring in more readers. That’s a good goal! But the reboot hasn’t taken advantage of some really interesting women who’ve inhabited the DC Universe in the past, heroic females who could truly expand the universe and reader appeal. So here is a not-nearly-complete list of just some of the cool lady heroes we’d like to see back in DC Comics in major ways (and tomorrow, we’ll look at a similar list for Marvel Comics).

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NERDY snow sculptures header

It’s freezing and more or less miserable in several places across the globe right now. Snow’s been falling continually in my neck of the woods, but I’m trying to make the best of it. One way to brighten up the gray chill is by playing outside. A yard full of snow is like an empty canvas just waiting to be formed into sculptures, and characters from pop culture make perfect fodder. Check out our round-up of six geeky snow sculptures to get inspired!

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nerdy office gift guide

Does anyone on your Christmas gift list sit in an office all day? Chances are the answer to that question is yes. He or she probably needs some nerdy flair to brighten his or her day. Letter openers, a trash can, a stress toy – you can find geeky objects in every category.

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star trek gift guide

We have the perfect gifts for the Trekkie on your gift list. There are hoodies, rings, shower curtains, and underwear. We’ve even got wine to enjoy while you’re ringing in the New Year.

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There’s a lot happening in the Whoniverse this year between the 50th Anniversary of the show and the pending arrival of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Help the Whovian in your life celebrate with one of these perfect Doctor Who gifts!

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sherlock gifts

One of the things about being a Sherlock fan — you have to learn how to get through the dry spells in between seasons. So here are some gift list ideas to appease the Sherlock fan in your life.

And, yes, if you get something for yourself it still counts ;-)

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star wars gift guide

Since Star Wars is the franchise that never dies, more and more awesome products are released every year. This guarantees that there are always new items the fan in your life doesn’t have. From office accessories to toys to kitchen gadgets – the Star Wars franchise covers it all. Get just one item in this guide or pack up a few and put them in a gift basket painted in R2-D2 colors. May you find all the droids and presents you’re looking for.

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