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It’s freezing and more or less miserable in several places across the globe right now. Snow’s been falling continually in my neck of the woods, but I’m trying to make the best of it. One way to brighten up the gray chill is by playing outside. A yard full of snow is like an empty canvas just waiting to be formed into sculptures, and characters from pop culture make perfect fodder. Check out our round-up of six geeky snow sculptures to get inspired!

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nerdy office gift guide

Does anyone on your Christmas gift list sit in an office all day? Chances are the answer to that question is yes. He or she probably needs some nerdy flair to brighten his or her day. Letter openers, a trash can, a stress toy – you can find geeky objects in every category.

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star trek gift guide

We have the perfect gifts for the Trekkie on your gift list. There are hoodies, rings, shower curtains, and underwear. We’ve even got wine to enjoy while you’re ringing in the New Year.

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There’s a lot happening in the Whoniverse this year between the 50th Anniversary of the show and the pending arrival of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Help the Whovian in your life celebrate with one of these perfect Doctor Who gifts!

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sherlock gifts

One of the things about being a Sherlock fan — you have to learn how to get through the dry spells in between seasons. So here are some gift list ideas to appease the Sherlock fan in your life.

And, yes, if you get something for yourself it still counts ;-)

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star wars gift guide

Since Star Wars is the franchise that never dies, more and more awesome products are released every year. This guarantees that there are always new items the fan in your life doesn’t have. From office accessories to toys to kitchen gadgets – the Star Wars franchise covers it all. Get just one item in this guide or pack up a few and put them in a gift basket painted in R2-D2 colors. May you find all the droids and presents you’re looking for.

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shield dog

NYCC is wrapping up, but there’s still plenty of stuff to see. Take a look at our gallery after the break to check out all of our latest photos.

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The Walking Dead fans at NYCC got a rare chance to see incredible art and actual props from the series at a special gallery show celebrating the tenth anniversary of the comic. A Decade of Dead was just a few blocks away from the convention in the Pillars 37 art gallery, and they even had the Hyundi Veloster Zombie Survival Machine that debuted at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year.

The walls were full of original artwork and tables held some of the most famous props from the series. Rick’s hat was there along with his well-worn Sheriff’s bag. It sat right next to Daryl Dixon’s crossbow, which would come in handy for shooting the zombies hanging out on the opposite wall.

There were busts of zombies on one table as well as full-size zombies including both of Michonne’s pets with their missing jaws. They all looked very nearly as disgusting in person as they do on the screen and it was hard to turn your back on them and walk away for fear they’d sneak up and take a bite out of you.

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There’s lots of cool stuff happening today at NYCC including the Star Wars Rebels and Walking Dead panels. We’ll be covering any major news, but you can also check back here throughout the day to see our latest photos from the show floor.

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nycc walking dead car

There are some cool cars in the world of pop culture and a bunch of them are on display at New York Comic Con this year! Hyundai debuted their new Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine and even had it opened up so you could sit inside, spin the gun turret, and take a photo.

The biggest display came from Chevy who had a little fleet of cars wrapped with images of your favorite comics. I particularly liked the one themed to Adventure Time because who wouldn’t want to drive around with those cuties on their car?

Oh, and Lola was there, too and she was beautiful. I tried to get a closer picture but there were those ropes in the way and, although Agent Coulson was nowhere to be found, I didn’t trust that there wasn’t some invisible field that would zap me back to the Dark Ages if I dared come t0o close.

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