giveaway week

This week has been all about giveaways on Nerd Approved, and if you haven’t entered yet, today is your last chance to do so for 4 out of the 5 contests we currently have running. Head after the break to check out the contests before it’s too late!

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Today is our fifth and final Giveaway Week contest, and you’ll want to get in on it if you like nerdy toys (and surprises).

We’re giving away a six month Lootcrate subscription to a lucky reader!

If you’re not familiar, Lootcrate is a subscription service that delivers a mystery box full of toys, shirts and other nerdy collectibles to your door each month. The value of the products in the box are far greater than the subscription price, and each month members have the chance to win a mega crate worth $2000. You can see some of the items in past crates here.

Head after the break for all the information on how to enter.

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It’s day four of our Giveaway Week, and today’s contest is all about the FX series THE STRAIN.

One winner will receive:

  • THE STRAIN Season One, Blu-ray
  • Strain Graphic novels (Vol. 1) Paperback
  • The Strain Tiles T-Shirt

Head after the break for more info on the show and how you can enter….

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teepublic contest

Giveaway week is in full swing with our Star Wars Rebels and book lovers giveaways, and today we’re giving three lucky readers a free shirt of their choice from TeePublic!

You can choose your favorite design from the shirts we’ve hand selected in our merch store, or from the entire TeePublic selection.

Head after the break for all the details on how to enter…

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book lovers giveaway

We kicked off our giveaway week yesterday with a Star Wars Rebels prize pack, and today we have a buttload of nerdy books in a box!

Here’s what’s included:


  • The Walking Dead: The Road To Woodbury
  • The Walking Dead: The Fall Of The Governor Part I
  • The Walking Dead: The Fall Of The Governor Part II
  • The Walking Dead: Descent
  • Mentats Of Dune
  • Earth Awakens
  • Earth Afire


  • Doctor Who: Who Ology
  • Doctor Who: How To Be A Time Lord
  • Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book

Head after the break for all the info on how to enter…

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rebels contest top new

We’ve covered lots of gift ideas for nerdy toys, clothes and treats that you can give others this holiday, but now it’s our turn to hook you guys up with presents. We’ll be running giveaways all week long—starting with this awesome Star Wars Rebels prize pack from Hasbro.

Inside the prize pack you’ll find 12-inch Ezra Bridger and Stormtrooper Hero Series figures along with a Star Wars Command Epic Assault set, and The Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype. There’s also a special Hasbro Star Wars Timeline poster that showcases Hasbro’s toys from the Prequel Trilogy to the Original Trilogy.

Head after the break for all the info on how to enter…

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Nerd Approved TeePublic Store

Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet? There’s still time to grab tons of nerdy shirt designs in our store for just $14.

We’ve added some new shirts to the store as well, so head on over to the store and grab your favorites while you still can!

felicia day book

We love Felicia Day, so we were super excited when she announced her new memoir You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). It appears that we’re not alone as it’s already #3 on the Amazon charts in the biographies category. (Felicia did note that it lists her under scientists as well, but, hey, who’s gonna argue?)

It’s definitely inspiring to see what someone can create with a lot of imagination and a ton of hard work. I’ll admit, I already pre-ordered a copy.

You may be wondering how someone so young is already writing a memoir, or what kinds of stories Felicia has to tell. I figured I’d let her explain in the video after the break.

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Thanks to the Sony leaks, we know that Sony and Marvel attempted to work out a deal to bring Spider-Man back to the MCU for various projects including Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, hose negotiations broke down—but all may not be lost. Latino Review is reporting that the deal is very much alive in the wake of the hack (and the poor performance of recent Spider-Man films on Sony’s watch).

According to Kel over at Latino Review:

IF the Marvel/Sony deal were to go forward, Andrew Garfield would no longer be Peter Parker and any baggage from existing films, Raimi or Webb, would be non-canonical, Marvel doesn’t want any part of those films. The idea is that the Spider-Man romance movie has been played out over five installments, so any new Spider-Man films would focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero with a romance side-story, not the film’s focus. Marvel also thinks that the origin story is well-trodden territory, so any Spider-Man movies under this deal would begin with Peter Parker already leading a dual life. Spider-Man making his debut in Captain America: Civil War is still a distinct possibility and would serve as the character’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But as of now Spider-Man will NOT be in Civil War. I was told that they have a script nailed down.

So, if the deal works out and Spider-Man goes back to Marvel, we basically hit the ground running with a lead actor. He’s already got the double life and he’s already dating Mary Jane – both of which allow for more time for Spider-Man to just be Spider-Man.

Granted nothing may come of this, but the fact is that Sony doesn’t have much leverage left. It makes sense for them to profit while Marvel does the heavy lifting to get the character back on track.

What do you think?

(via /Film)


If you’ve been wondering what to call the ball droid in the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you can stop wondering. Entertainment Weekly reports that J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy mocked up some Topps-style cards for the characters. Our favorite ball droid just happens to go by the designation BB-8. Other character names include:

  • Crazy lightsaber guy: Kylo Ren
  • Daisy Ridley: Rey
  • Oscar Isaac’s Rebel Pilot: Poe Dameron
  • John Boyega: Finn

People are already speculating on the lack of last names and what that might mean. Skywalker, anyone?

I can already see people running to grab Twitter handles for Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Finn and Rey — and there’s better be a BB-8 twitter already, or I’ll be very disappointed with the internet!

Head on over to Entertainment Weekly to see the cards. And yes, the numbers on the cards mean something—analyze the hell out of it guys.