powerupbox 3

The sophomore installment of the Power Up Box (Premium Edition) dropped the ball in our opinion. Did it come back strong with box #3? Find out after the break…

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The Nerd Block Classic Box for June is all about British television—which is great because British fandoms are some of my favorite kinds of fandoms.

Check out what’s inside after the break…

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cyber 6

The Terminator Genisys release is only days away and Loot Crate’s “Cyber” box for June 2015 definitely taps into the excitement. Let’s see what’s inside shall we?

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inside out

Spoiler alert–Inside Out is a good movie:

inside out rotten tomatoes

It’s more of what the world at large has come to expect from Pixar: Animated movies that are fun, smart, and moving enough to be enjoyed by children and adults (with gorgeous visuals besides). In recent years, other studios–Walt Disney with Wreck-It Ralph, DreamWorks Animation with How to Train Your Dragon, Warner Bros. with The Lego Movie–may have edged in on Pixar’s one-time reputation as the only (non-indie) company delivering animated movies at the highest level of quality, and I say the more the merrier, but damn does this movie illustrate exactly what makes Pixar… well, Pixar.

Spoilers follow…

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groot 2

Entertainment Earth was kind enough to send us a solar-powered dancing Baby Groot, and I have to say that we were impressed with his dancing prowess and endurance. All he needed was a little light (as all trees do) to get his groove on.

I woke up and there he was, dancing at the break of dawn.

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jurassic world

I went into Jurassic World with a sense of very, very, very, very, very cautious optimism. I am of the firm belief that Jurassic Park is one of the most perfect films ever made. Jurassic Park is art. It has everything. Excitement. Terror. Glistening, shirtless Jeff Goldblum. But previous sequel attempts have been, er, less than good, and the trailers’ emphasis on CGI effects over the practical puppetry that the original film did so well left me feeling cold.

Did this movie finally get the franchise back on track? Minor spoilers follow.

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We recently posted about the new Avengers Age of Ultron Series 2 Collectible Set from Hot Toys and they look pretty cute (especially Black Widow!), but if you’ve been wondering what they’re like up close and personal, we have good news. Sideshow Collectibles sent us the Avengers: Age of Ultron Collectible Set for review.

If you’re unfamiliar, Cosbabies are wacky vinyl baby heroes from Hot Toys—the same company that brings us all of those ridiculously detailed sixth-scale figures. Cosbabies, on the other hand, measure 9.5cm tall and have bobble-heads. So, rule #1, don’t take them out of the pack by their head or you’ll accidentally behead Captain America like I did. However, the cool thing is that if you pop their head off, they’re held on by a magnet, so it’s a pretty easy fix.

While many of the Cosbabies are sold separately, this collectible set features 7 Cosbabies: Iron Man Mark XLIII, Captain America, Thor, Iron Legion, Ultron Sentry, and a Ultron Sentry (Prime) which is only available in the set.

In the end though, these figures are all about fun. They’re cute, fit on your desk with ease, and come out to about $12.50 a figure, which isn’t bad at all for what you’re getting.

I took some pictures of the Cosbabies “in battle”. It got tense there for a minute, but let’s just say the good guys won.

Check them out after the break.

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We reviewed the first ever Power Up Box last month and thought the newest nerdy subscription service on the block was off to a good start. Did they maintain that momentum with their second installment?

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It’s a major award!

Actually, its a Man Crate. What’s a Man Crate you ask? Its a gift box filled with stuff for dudes—and you have to open the box with a crowbar. Fortunately, I have a beard so I was able to handle it.

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unite 6

The Loot Crate “Unite” box has all kinds of team-themed goodies inside. Let’s take a peek shall we?

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