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Cell Phones Just to Make Calls

As the cellphone industry is maturing and more services and technologies are introduced, carriers are finding that some users are rebelling and looking for simple and easy to use phones. AP has an interesting article on the phenomena, but I think they are focusing on just one aspect of this.

Most of the article discusses how people are not using advanced features because of how difficult they are to use. The carriers do note, correctly, that if a user cannot figure out how to use some functions easily, that is most likely caused by poor design and not the intelligence of their users. Additionally, since the carriers are counting on people using advanced features in order to increase their revenues, the features must be intuitive for people to have any interest.

The second issue, mentioned in the article but not as prominent as the design problem, is that some people just want a cell phone to make calls. They are not interested in using it as an MP3 player, for internet access or any of the other advanced features that the carriers are trying to market. While these customer’s wil be less profitable to the carriers, they are also not a small minority. It would be a colossal mistake on the carrier’s part to ignore, or even worse discourage, these customers from being loyal customers.

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