H.R. Giger’s Alien Inspired Computer Mouse

H.R. Giger’s illustrations and designs have undoubtedly inspired many. His work is dark and has a way of crawling into the corners of your mind and sticking. Modder Ramses07 channeled his appreciation for Giger’s work by turning a computer mouse into a Xenomorph.

He started the process with a CM Storm Xornet gaming mouse. Then he disassembled and sanded it and added clay for the body. It looks like it was a long process of installing parts, sculpting clay to match the Alien shapes, and carving intricate designs into surface. Finally, he carefully layered on paint in different shades of gray to achieve a color palette that matched Giger’s.

It’s beautiful work, but I’d be too scared to actually use this mouse.

Check out more pics of this creepy mouse after the break.

(Technabob via Obvious Winner)


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