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Report: AMD to Cut Athlon Prices up to 46%

The Register has an article where they claim that AMD will cut Atholon pricing anwhere from 0.5% to 46% on July 24. It is claimed that the average price cut will be 36.7%. Pretty good savings, though if you are in the market for a new chip now, you will have to decide for yourself how reliable this information may be.

AMD has been a lot more aggressive in countering Intel, and I think their perseverence will pay off in the end. It has already been reported that Intel is dropping prices on a number of their processors, so at worst this is an attempt to stay competitive. At least they are not sitting back and assuming that market share will come to them, they need to go out and get it. AMD has had a special place in the hearst of many gamers, if for no other reason than the fact that AMD hardware had more ability for overclocking. Keep it up AMD, I still think consumers see that your interest is in their satisfaction, and not only the company’s bottom line.

Posted by Jeff


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