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Review: Dell XPS M2010

Dell XPS M2010

Back in June, Nerd Approved featured a first look at the Dell XPS M2010. It’s pretty, there’s no doubt about that. It is also one of the most innovative notebooks out there – packing a 20 inch screen, full size detachable bluetooth keyboard, integrated camera / microphone, media center remote and 8 nice sounding speakers into a “portable” unit (that is, if you consider 18-20 lbs portable).

Now that the reviews are in, does the XPS M2010 justify a $3500-$4675 price tag?


PC Magazine: (3 out of 5) “Despite several promising features, including its groundbreaking design and slick engineering, the Dell XPS M2010 is way too expensive for a desktop and far too heavy to be considered a truly portable notebook. No doubt it will appeal to a small cadre of media-centric folks who don’t travel, need a big screen, and have money to burn. The rest of us, though, are better off taking a pass.”

CNET: (7.3 out of 10) “It’s a striking feat of engineering that’s sure to garner attention in a stylish home or on a multimedia-intensive sales call, but for the rest of us, it’s too impractical and too expensive to be anything more than a cool, techno-curio.”

Laptop Mag: (4 out of 5) “It’s heavy, a little unwieldy, and obscenely expensive. But if you’re searching for a transportable all-in-one PC that can double as a stereo, DVD player, and DVR/TV (if you spend a little more), the XPS M2010 is a splurge-worthy status symbol.”

Product Information:

Click here for full list of customizable specs from the Dell XPS M2010.

Bottom Line:

The Dell XPS M2010 is a fantastic piece of machinery, but it is far too expensive and bulky to be worth purchasing. This one is only for the hardcore gamer with a lot of money to burn.


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