10-Year WoW Veterans Are Getting A Badass Statue From Blizzard


It’s been 10 years since World of Warcraft debuted, and Blizzard is marking the occasion by sending out a special statue to those who have been with the game since its start. Gamespot reports that these dedicated players have already received emails from Blizzard notifying them that the statue is on its way. The statue has an Orc on a wolf mount and reads:

The Orc statue is a constant presence in our life at Blizzard entertainment. It’s where we meet to talk, to eat, to celebrate. As we celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft, we present this token of appreciation to you, stalwart adventurer. Thank you for being a constant presence in our lives as we adventure together.

No word on just how many people have been playing the full ten years, but for that kind of dedication to a game, they definitely deserve the recognition.

(via Bleeding Cool / Image: Smitti)


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