After Three Long Years, This Gamer Finally Beat The Toughest Super Mario World Level Ever [Video]

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If the following videos don’t stress you out, then you definitely have nerves of steel. For the uninitiated, “Item Abuse 3” is a player-created level in Super Mario World that’s nearly impossible to beat–I say nearly, because someone finally did it. And that someone is the person that designed it.

PangaeaPanga had to use tools (TAS) to beat the level, including one program that accepted button presses on individual frames, but what you are are about to see is still extremely impressive.

He wrote the following on a Super Mario World forum:

“The final episode was ddue to the product of 3 years of on-and-off work, with the approximately 40% of the past 2 months being dedicated solely to this project.”

“And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level,” PangaeaPanga said, “it is completed (and hopefully without any major breaks to be found).”

Check out all the Mario insanity after the break…

(via Kotaku)


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