Atari Plug ‘n Play Keychains

Atari Plug 'n Play Keychains

Miniature Atari Joystick keychains with working games – what’s not to like about that?

Keychain features:

  • Pong Paddle: Pong, Breakout, and Warlords included
  • Asteroids Joystick: Asteroids and Millipede included
  • Centipede Joystick: Centipede and Yar’s Revenge included
  • The controllers include a 6 foot RCA cable
  • Each version runs on 3AAA batteries and measures approx. 1.5”x2”x1.5”

The unruly size and shape of these controllers combined with a non-retractable 6 foot cable make these rather useless as keychains – but at only $15 apiece, who really cares?

The Plug ‘n Play keychain can be purchased at

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