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ATI’s 3 GPU Physics Solution


ATI has teamed up with the guys over at Havok (the wizards behind Half Life 2’s groundbreaking physics engine) to offer an alternative to the PhysX processor. The answer? How about three GPU’s?

ATI Crossfire “offers gamers a choice of physics configurations rather than being locked into symmetrical setups. This flexible architecture allows asymmetrical configurations as unlike cards can be used for physics processing in both 1+1 and 2+1 setups where one or two graphics cards are used for game rendering, while another card is used for physics. This open architecture accommodates all gamers, whether they want to use a high-end graphics card for physics, or a mainstream card.

In other words, you can upgrade by picking up two GPU’s and using your old card to run physics only (2+1 setup). ATI also noted that you could run a 1+1 configuration if running 2+1 proves too expensive.

The idea of recycling old cards for dedicated physics processing is certainly intriguing – and it has the potential to have a major impact on PC gaming.

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