BioWare Created A New Mass Effect Level To Help A Woman Propose To Her Partner In-Game

mass effect proposal

Jackie contacted BioWare’s Montréal studio because she was looking for a way to propose to her partner Amy in-game. They are both big fans of Mass Effect and popping the question with the help of the game sounded perfect. The studio’s manager, Marie-Renée Brisebois, put out a call to see if any of the developers were interested in putting in extra time to make Jackie’s dream come true. Writer Ann Lemay, lead level designer Colin Campbell, and QA analyst Barrett Rodych took up the challenge (free of charge no less)  and created a realistically difficult level that featured subtle references about Jackie and Amy’s relationship throughout.

Once the level was complete, they got Amy and Jackie to the studio under the pretext that they won a contest called “A Day with Our Devs” at PAX East. Amy was invited to play the next Mass Effect game for “consumer feedback.” Then the following happened:

Once she reached the end of the level, Amy walked into a room with a lone console in the center that had her and Jackie’s names for one another spray-painted on the wall in 50-foot high graffiti. When she clicked on the console, a message popped up: “Dear Amy, Jackie would like to ask you something.


All of us at BioWare”

She said yes. Awww.

Read the full story at the BioWare Blog.

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