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Bittersweet Pokémon Cards Show We All Grow Up


This series of Pokémon cards was released in Japan this summer as part of the EX Battle Boost expansion and then in the West earlier this month as Legendary Treasures. The first card shows starter Pokémon Tepig along with a little boy and his parents. The next card shows him as Pignite and now the boy and his parents are older and there’s a little sister in the picture. The final card shows him as Emboar and the kids are all grown-up with kids of their own and the parents are now gray-haired grandparents.

The images were tweeted by Yoroisan along with the words “I cried.” in Japanese. Those of you who grew up playing Pokémon and now have kids of your own playing it can likely relate all too well.

See the individual cards after the break…




(via Kotaku)


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