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Blizzard Sued Over “WoW” Gaming Guide

The corporate honchos and legal geniuses at Blizzard need to just relax. A World of Warcraft user makes his own guide to the game and sells it on eBay, and they feel the need to keep sending takedown notices claiming copyright infringement so that eBay eventually has to suspend his account. eBay should have left the account intact since Blizzard never responded to the counternotices as they are required to, but the main culprit here is Blizzard.

As pointed out in numerous articles, if just using screenshots to illustrate what you are talking about is not covered under fair use, and thus copyright infringement, there are a whole slew of publishers of books covering how to work with software such as Microsoft’s Office that are guilty as well. Blizzard, very simply, is just wrong. They have no case against this man and are only harassing him because they assumed he would not have the finanical backing to fight them. They have for some reason decided that a users guide is so against what they want that they are willing to harass him to the point of his account being shut down. At least the public advocacy group Public Citizen has taken up his cause as well. He does continue to sell the guide on a personal website and plans to continue doing so. His site can be found here, if you are interested. Whether or not you agree with the information this guide gives you is an entirely separate issue, the point here is Blizzards overreaching to try to shut him down.

Blizzard should just get the leash back on their lawyers and allow activity that will almost certainly be found to be legal. The way this company has treated their uses borders on shameful, and it would serve them right if a large percentage of users decide they just aren’t going to put up with this garbage anymore and just leave.


Posted by Jeff 


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