Bro vs. Bro: Mario and Luigi Face Off in the Ultimate Knuckle Fight

Mario vs Luigi

Mario and Luigi are the most famous brothers in the video gaming world. They’re pretty good at what they do, too. After all, they are the Super Mario Brothers.

All these years, they’ve been fighting the bad guys and working together to save Mario’s princess from a handful of villains. But what about Luigi? What’s in it for him? Well, maybe he’s just about had it with all of Mario’s crap or maybe he’s just jealous he doesn’t have his own princess, because he wants to fight. And fight they do.

The Mario Brothers have a go at it, bare knuckle style, and you can watch the whole thing unfold before you after the break in the awesome live-action video by the De-Pixelated crew. Just make sure you watch the whole thing through because a couple of other guys you know and love will make a surprise appearance at the end.


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