Check Out This Transforming LEGO Nintendo 64

We present to you, Baron Von Brunk’s latest LEGOformers: Ultra Hexacon and Tetragon.

This transforming Nintendo 64 and controller, along with their transforming game pak minions Hot-Shot, and Mecha Kong were built the for the Toy Brick Contest this year.

He writes:

These original LEGO models are made in near-perfect size and proportions to authentic N64 components, and can transform completely — by “transform completely”, I mean each robot can transform from N64 accessory to robot and back without detaching/removing parts, with the exception of Tetragon’s controller cord. Ultra Hexacon is to this date, my most durable and articulated Transformer model built, with great flexibility and joint strength; he can also stand and be posed without falling over or having pieces break off. With the exception of the custom stickers/labels, every single piece in these toys are 100% LEGO — bricks, plates, slopes, tiles, wedges, and Technic parts. No glue, paint, cutting, nor 3rd party custom pieces.

I dig his explanation of the name. It’s like he knew people were gonna wonder!

What’s in a name? “Hexacontatetragon” is the proper nomenclature for a 64-sided polygon, and Nintendo 64 being the first 3D polygon-based Nintendo system with 64-bit graphics, the names “Hexacon” and “Tetragon” (the robot and the scorpion) merge as a gestalt when transformed — both physically and in name! The word “Ultra” in the title is an homage to the Nintendo 64’s original name of “Ultra 64” before its North American release.

There are lots more pics after the break. Do yourself a favor and check them out.









(via Instructables)


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