Chinese Couple Sells Kids To Feed Internet Gaming Addiction

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Well, here’s a heartwarming story to brighten your day.

21-year olds Li Lin and Li Juan were turned into the police by Li Lin’s mother after she discovered that her son and his girlfriend sold their three children to fun an internet gaming addition.

The parents are young and naive, so when asked about their nefarious deeds, they stated that they were unaware what they were doing is illegal. “We didn’t want to raise them,” they said. “We just want to sell them for some money.”

Their first child went for less than $500, the second and third child went for around $4600 each.

Holy crap. If that wasn’t bad enough, supposedly they left their first child at home shortly after it’s birth in 2008 so they could travel 20 miles to play games.

(Weird Asian News via Geekologie)


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