Cool Concept Art For Mass Effect And Dragon Age

rhodes concept art 1

Think about all the movies and games you love and their imagery. Every character design you admire and every background that makes you drool started with concept art. Very few drawings get all the way through to production, and most of the cutting room floor gems never get seen. Some artists do share what they can online though, and Matt Rhodes has put up a plethora of designs from Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

It’s fun to see how characters evolve and how they can look completely different from the version in the final game. Besides the striking visuals, Rhodes’ commentary about why pieces didn’t work or explaining why he chose a certain look is just fascinating.

More concept art after the break.

rhodes concept art 2

rhodes concept art 3

rhodes concept art 4

rhodes concept art 5

rhodes concept art 6

Visit Matt Rhodes’ website for more.

(via Kotaku)


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