“Cubicles & Careers” Is The “Dungeons & Dragons” Of The Fantasy World [Video]


Those of us in the real world like to kick back, relax, and pretend we’re Orcs and Wizards and Elves while playing Dungeons & Dragons. All those fantasy characters need some downtime too, and when they break out the dice, their game of choice is Cubicles & Careers where they must deal with horrible perils. They face foes like incompetent bosses, challenges like getting to work on time despite hitting every red light, and convincing that incompetent boss that they didn’t forget the report that they forgot.

This series of videos explores the perils of Cubicles & Careers in order to promote FantasyCon which happens July 3-5 in Salt Lake City Utah. Roll the die and see if you have any luck convincing your boss to give you the time off to attend.

See the videos after the break.

(Geek Tyrant via io9)


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