Custom Atari 2600 Action Figures


Dan Polydoris specializes in making custom action figures, and a few years back he decided to create some figures that were inspired by old school Atari 2600 console games. Now he’s back with four more designs.

Even if the games didn’t have “characters” per se, he would use the box art as inspiration. This round of figures were sourced from existing Kenner Star Wars line figures (which is why the Space Invader’s alien has a certain Greedo look about him), and I have to say that Dan really did a stellar job. What do you think?

Check out the rest of the figures after the break…




If you’d like to check out some more custom action figures, then head on over to Dan’s Flickr account. You can also keep tabs on his eBay account for any figures that he puts up for sale.

(it8bit via Technabob)


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