Developer Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Create Zombie Playground Game

San Francisco-based developer Massive Black has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Zombie Playground, an online, team-based action arena game that will offer “a mix of third-person shooter and action RPG featuring character progression and unlockable abilities along with weapon and clothing upgrades”. But the awesome thing is that you’ll take on the zombie horde with a group of grade school kids.

The development team for the game includes BioWare vets Jason Chan (Senior Artist), as well as Aesop Rock and Shawn Lee (Music Producers/Artists). If the team is able to meet their current $100,000 goal, they will be able to produce an alpha version of Zombie Playground with two playable characters (one ranged, one melee) using Attack the Block, Goonies, and The Walking Dead as inspiration.

Ultimately the goal is to amass $ 2 million, which will allow for the creation of the complete game, featuring a full school location, multiple classes, and additional game modes.

Hit the jump to check out a promo video.

(ZP via MTV)


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