Take A Virtual Tour Of The USS Enterprise-D [Video]

enterprise tour

Thanks to the ongoing Enterprise-D Construction Project, you’ll soon be able to board the Enterprise and explore it in its entirety. The goal is described thusly:

To create the entirety of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in the Unreal Game Engine. The Enterprise would serve first and foremost as a virtual museum. Every deck and room can be explored. Fans would be able to visit engineering via the turbolift, or walk from Deck 36 to Deck 5 to see the Arboretum. What does Worf’s quarters look like? What about the large forward windows on Deck 3? What kind of communal areas exist on the ship? Malls? Markets? Gardens? All these questions will be answered.

Naturally, the project is Oculus Rift ready.

If all goes well (namely getting a blessing from CBS and acquiring the funds necessary for continued development), long term plans include populating the ship, allowing users to explore areas outside of the ship and even playing actual missions.

Check out the demo after the break.

(via Reddit / GIF: Nerd Approved)


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