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Father Tired Of His Son Playing Video Games So He Hires In-Game Assassins

What do you do when you’re a father and you see your 23-year-old son spending all of his time playing video games instead of getting a job? Well, apparently taking away the gaming equipment is too boring of a solution. Mr. Feng took a different approach: he hired in-game hitmen to target his son’s characters and to kill them over and over.

You have to give him points for thinking outside of the box.

Mr. Feng blamed his son Xiao’s poor grades in school on video games and he was frustrated that he couldn’t stick out a job at a software company or look for a new one. Mr. Feng figured that if his son’s characters were simply killed repeatedly that he would get bored and quit playing. It’s not clear how Mr. Feng found the hitmen, but they all reportedly were at a higher level than Xiao’s characters and easily took him out.

Eventually, Xiao realized what was happening. He basically told his father that gaming isn’t what is stopping him from getting gainful employment, he’s just looking for the perfect job.

Like we’ve never heard that one before.

(Kotaku via Geekologie)


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