Gamers Are Still Finding Infinite 1-Up Glitches In Super Mario Bros. [Video]

Super mario glitch

Super Mario Bros. has been around for almost 30 years, but people are not only still playing, they’re still coming across new cheats. YouTuber Games Haya posted a glitch that allows you to get infinite 1-Ups. Here’s the process as described by Retrocollect:

“First, you must first take player one’s Mario to the second level of the game and throw away your first life. With Luigi taking over, player two must traverse all the way to World 5-2 and find the hidden beanstalk block halfway through the stage. Once there, Luigi must start climbing the vines, however, he must await – and take on the chin – an incoming projectile from one of the Hammer Bros. Upon being hit, once player one resumes control of Mario, the beanstalk from World 5-2 will start growing in World 1-2, providing all you need to infinitely kick shells for unlimited bonuses.”

See how to trigger the glitch in the video after the break.

(Dorkly via Geekologie)


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