Get This “Saints Row IV” Special Edition For a Cool Million Bucks

saint 2

No, really, it’s a video game and it’ll set you back a million dollars. The “Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” of Saint’s Row IV can be yours for the bargain basement price of $1 million. It does come with some pretty cool perks though:

Saints Row IV: Commander in Chief Edition
A Virgin Galactic space flight
Full-Size Dub-Step gun replica
A personal shopper
Plastic Surgery (we assume it’s for you, and not the personal shopper)
One week at the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai
One week for two at the Jefferson hotel in Washington, DC
First-class air travel to both Dubai and DC
One day of spy training
A hostage experience
Capsule Wardrobe
A Lamborghini Gallardo
A Prius, because you probably won’t want to drive the Lamborghini everywhere

They totally had me at hostage experience. What?! There is only one of these available so you better jump on this before all the other ridiculously wealthy gamers grab it first.

Product Page ($1 Million Game Trailers via Geekosystem)


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