This Globe Chess Board Really Changes The Game [Video]

Design student Ben Myers and his father put a very interesting, uh…spin on the game of chess with this globe-shaped magnetic board.

The board was crafted from walnut, soft maple, and Jatoba wood which were cut to the proper dimensions and glued onto eight octagonal rings – each of which is embedded with a magnet. After gluing was complete, the rough globe shape was rounded into spherical perfection with a lathe.

The result allows players to position chess pieces anywhere on the globe – even in inverted positions. The shape also provides additional complexity while affecting the power of the pieces – especially bishops, which reportedly become “very deadly” without a conventional board’s side edges.

If you’re up to the task of making your own sphere chess board, you can check out Ben’s tutorial over at Instructables.

(via Makezine via Laughing Squid)


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